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We have to remind them every once in awhile, but our spirits due adhere to house rules and personal boundaries....

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We currently live with (4) four spirits in our house.  Each very individual, very intelligent and ever-watchful.  Their names are Seth, Chris, Elizabeth and a little girl named Mary.  We have learned so much from them and I think they have learned quite a bit from us.  They are not scary or violent by any means. We did not invite them or take part in any form to open doors to which we have no control of.  They have personally been around me for decades... hence our belief that some people are "Haunted" and not just some places.  They do question a higher judgement and they know they have choices....which is why we decided to put this information out in order to help others who may endure similar circumstances yet fail to mention it or seek further solutions due to the  controversial nature of the subject that can and often will affect some families and friends that do not support or accept such possibilities.   

We on the other hand....choose to think outside "The Box."


Seth seems to be....for lack of a better word, the "gatekeeper" in our home.  He is the one who keeps the others in line and reminds them of their places in our household.  As far as we have learned,  he is in his mid-thirties and passed away at the hands of Chris (our other resident) in 1791 0r 1792.
Why and how....we are still trying to find out.

Chris we believe was Seth's friend at some point, but played a hand in the demise of Seth.  He is about the same age as Seth and has very heavy mood swings.  He questions his personal spiritual judgement should he choose to move on.  However, from what we can gather....Seth has the ability to hold him back in some manner if he chooses to leave.....how & why.....is a continual repeating effort in the world of  "spirit" communication.

Elizabeth from what we have been able to pick up.....is a suicide.  She is very adamant about the fact 
that she is unwilling to tell us how or why this occurred, but we never give up and continually try to obtain the 
answers from Seth or Chris.  We are unsure of her age or if she is even from the same time era as the others,
but she regularly wakes us up literally yelling at the other two men.  Often calling them colorful names.
She knows our names very well and never hesitates to catch you unaware and let you know that she is by 
your side.

Mary we believe passed away around the turn of the century.  She has let us know that she was very sick with a bad cough
and fever.  She often answers our phone by manipulating the answering machine and suprises many a caller.  She does 
cry from time to time, but she follows that up with the fact she believes that no one cares if she is around.  We believe she is about ten years old...and she loves our family pets.  She is the person that is the most clear on almost all of our EVP's.

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