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This little boy was taken by us as we have seen him on & off for years darting thru the hallways on one specific floor of a hotel.  He has sandy blonde hair & is always seen wearing his little pajamas.  He loves to dart out of one wall, take a look at you and run into another wall only to disappear suddenly.  We felt very lucky to have been able to catch this photo of what we have seen for years.  This photo is not doctored or enhanced in ANY way.

Excaliber Hotel in Las Vegas
While taking pictures of a family member, we asked the little girl in the photo to
sit next the tent in the background.  As we approached the tent I felt as if I had bumped into someone & when I looked around there was no one in the immediate are, but I "felt" someone staring at me so I quickly snapped a few photos.  What you see is the image of what seems to be the outline of someone leaning into the photo.  The frame before & after have nothing in them.  This was the only frame with this image of what seems to us to be a person.

Family Members Home
We had a great aunt that had passed away many years ago & this was her trunk/coffee table.  Feeling some incredible difference in the space around us.
My grandmother got the urge to take this photo.  She stated she knew she just had to take it at that particular moment.  

Do you believe in Fairies?
We do. I have seen them as a child....and with this particular photo....this little sprite/brownie/fairy decided to grace a group of our friends one evening at a very old restaurant in California...right at the dinner table!  We did not realize he was there until afterwards.  Again.....this photo has not been doctored or enhanced in ANY way.  The photo frame before & after this photo was completely void of any "presence" at the time.  He was a little being of light.  This is what I have see for years......what do you see?
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