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Our home is always active as beyond its doors are four very individual and very active ghosts/spirits.  They reach out to try & communicate on a daily basis.  Each of the spirits have their own stories and reasons for being where they are. Each knowing they have passed on and as such remind us that they are by our sides at all times.  They exsist as what we describe as a valid consciousness of the soul.  

It is one of our hopes to notate alot of what we experience to help others as they explore their own individual cases. 

We sincerely believe in Highly Sensitive People.  We  also believe that with age comes varied levels of developments within that spectrum that you either grow in or out of.  

For example....sensitivity to an animals emotional energy and the ability to separate noises play a big part in some HSP lives. Doors continually seem to open when least expected to which there is no control, but one must tune in quickly in order to maintain a personal balance.


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Both my husband and I have always had experiences of one kind or another since we were children and I will get into that as this site progresses.  

Let me begin with myself first....

I have always seen things differently as a child.  Since I can remember I was surrounded by what society today calls "Fairies"....and as you can imagine, when a child at the age of four & five tries to tell the grownups who they are playing with and how exciting it is, things quickly tend to be placed on the shelf of the "Imaginary".  Any loving parent would want their little girl to believe in fairies and unicorns, because that is part of the beauty of innocence.  For me there were no unicorns, but fairies...that was a different story.  I believe now and also from listening to my husbands experiences as a child, that many children probably do experience things as I did.  Children are a blank canvas with unlimited resources until they are TOLD that they are NOT.  This then results in the closing of so many doors and wonderous talents.  Fortunately for me, I was one of those stubborn children who was not going to accept "No" or "It's just your imagination" for an answer.  

The fairies that I saw were little beings of light.  We've provided a picture on our "What's New" page at the very bottom.  All fairies do not look alike and range in sizes.  Some have visible wings and some do not.  I often think they have the ability to present you with the image of themselves they most want you to see.  At any rate, I cannot agree with or deny the many varied stories of their rules and where they came from as I never asked.  What I do know is that they loved to play hide and seek and leave trails for you to find them from a collection of all sorts of things they gathered up be it from outside or from inside your own house.  I used to get in trouble for having glitter in my room and tons of little pieces of paper or string that could be found everywhere and appear overnight.  Truth is, I never owned any glitter.....so I kept it as my secret for I knew exactly from whence it came.

As I grew older, I would only see fairies from time to time until I was about eleven when I started to see sparks of energy and it varied in colors, much like a quick camera flash.  As I got into high school I would see streams of mist form in front of me and feel the vibration on the floor next to me as people that I could not see paced back and forth for hours at a time.  I then became able to "Hear" what was being said. Often it was my name being repeated to catch my attention. At the same time, I became aware like with anything, that there are the good spirits and then there are the not so good spirits.  Spirits with the intent to harm or frighten, that enjoyed playing on peoples fears.  I refused to back down or show fear whenever I was somewhere that I felt that type of energy around.  It really never occured to me to actually talk to the spirits I felt around me as I knew people would think I was crazy.  So one day in the 1980's I decided to do so and record myself asking these questions out loud.  When I played the tape back....much to my surprise there were answers to my questions.  I can't explain what a personal relief it was to let at least my family hear proof of what I had been talking about on and off for many years.

So today, I have names of the people I can't see that are constantly around me.  My pets are very aware of them as well. I don't play games with them or test them to see if I can anger them into doing anything, but I always seek answers.  I am finding that the older I get the more I am able to experience different things.  I see orbs in my house and know the difference between them and dust particles and I certainly don't live by the decree of "When in doubt, throw it out".  I am hoping to add another page soon to begin to log in our daily experiences with our special guests, so please be patient as we are also trying to work on putting up some more EVPs.

My husband has had many different experiences.....(Coming Soon)

  • The Photo above is of Seth as he appeared at our Wedding on my left side you can see him from the waist down.