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Our Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP's)
These are ALL EVP's from our home
  • EVP's are able to be captured day or night
  • Please feel free to ask us about any of them 
  • We will continually strive to update our EVP's
  • To the left & right, are one of many Videos of  "Orbs" in our home. These were next to our bed.

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"Such A Boring Day" 
"What's That, Right There...Don't Ever, Ever, Ever Touch It"

"Good Morning"

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"My name is Seth"
CAPTURING EVP's  (Electronic Voice Perception)
Our Favorite "Best Results" Equipment 
Olympus VN-960PC 
(128 MB, 16.5 Hours) Handheld Digital Voice Recorder
Record up to 16 hours of uninterrupted audio on the VN-960PC then take it to your PC with speed and ease by way of the direct PC Link. With one simple cable connection files can be transferred to and from a computer and be organized.
Apple  i-Phone
Voice-Memo Application
Records hours of audio with great clarity.  An additional program must be downloaded on to your PC/Laptop in order to transfer files over for further analysis.
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This is a Video of Orbs that start up as soon as we lie down for the evening
This Video is an orb that floated down towards the side of my bed for about 5 minutes & changed many colors & faded in and out